The Famous Five's The Final Adventure.

A Tribute to Enid Blyton.
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My Favourite Famous Five Books.

treasure island
                            by Enid Blyton.
Julian, Dick and Anne meet their cousin George and Timmy the dog for the very first time. The five row across to Kirren Island, a place that contains all the ingredients for a magnificent adventure: a ruined castle, a sunken wreck of an old sailing ship and hidden treasure. Dear reader, this book is a great introduction to the many adventures of The Famous Five.
smugglers top
                            By Enid Blyton.
Castaway Hill stands just off the coast of southern Cornwall, surrounded by a treacherous marsh and swirling mists. Directly on top of this hill straddles an imposing, giant, gothic, stone building: 'Smuggler's Top'. A narrow, winding causeway is the only means of access. Take one step on either side and be sucked down by slimy mud to a certain death. A perfect location for the fourth adventure of these amazing children and George's equally amazing dog Timmy.
hike together
                            by Enid Blyton.
Dick is sleeping rough in an old barn. Outside is wet and windy. Someone knocks on the window and whispers hoarsely "Dick. Dick. Two trees. Gloomy water. Saucy Jane. And Maggie knows." A piece of paper, containing a roughly scribbled map, flutters to the floor. Find out how the four children decipher this strange message.
mystery moor
                            By Enid Blyton.
It is the dead of night. The Famous Five are camping on Mystery Moor. A low flying aircraft is circling above. Then something extraordinary happens. An object falls with a thud, bounces and lands not far from Julian. Thud, thud, thud! Anne gives a squeal. "Are they trying to bomb us or something?" Find out by reading this great adventure story.
                            By Enid Blyton.
Mr. and Mrs. Stick and their nasty son, Edgar: 'The Family From Hell'. A child's chilling midnight scream. Flash...Flash...Flash: A light signalling in the dead of night from a boat way out at sea. A hidden cave and a kidnap. All this adds up to another runaway Enid Blyton adventure.
                  FIVE GO DOWN TO SEA.
                            By Enid Blyton.
The Famous Five are staying at Tremannon Farm, close to the rocky, Cornish coast. Why does the giant of a farmer, Mr Penruthlan, wander the countyside during the darkest hours of the night? Meet 'The Barnies', strolling players featuring 'Clopper' the hilarious horse, who hides a sinister secret. Is the light, that burns atop a ruined tower on dark, stormy nights, intended to lure ships onto the jagged rocks below? Find out all by reading this Enid Blyton masterpeice.

The Famous Five, to me, is Enid Blyton's flag ship. I read the above books way back in 1953 and can still vividly remember each adventure.

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Enid Blyton Fact.

Happy Birthday Famous Five!

Enid Blyton wrote the first Famous Five adventure in 1942. That makes The Famous Five 71 years old this year. That first adventure was called:    Five on a Treasure Island - and it is still read by thousands of children every year.

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