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A Tribute to Enid Blyton.

Enid Blyton.

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Enid Blyton.

enid blyton
Enid Blyton.
Enid Blyton's
First Book. 1922.
Enid Blyton with
A Noddy Puppet.

Enid Blyton is both the most prolific and fastest writer… EVER!

PROLIFIC: During her lifetime Enid Blyton wrote over seven hundred and fifty books and countless magazine articles.

FAST: Professor Peter McKellar, a New Zealander, contacted Enid Blyton requesting information on her imagery processes for a psychological study he was pursuing at Aberdeen University.
    Enid Blyton happily obliged and the two of them corresponded for a number of years. In one letter, dated 28th.January 1955, Enid Blyton writes:
    "…I have just finished a book called River of Adventure. I began it on Monday and finished this afternoon (Friday). It is 60,000 words long and the writing flowed like its title."
    60,000 words in five days! That is an average of 12,000 words a day. No other writer has ever been able to write as fast as that.

FAST AND PROLIFIC: From the beginning of 1951 until the end of 1954 Enid Blyton wrote a total of one hundred and ninety-two books. That is almost a book per week for four years.

It seems that Enid Blyton was quite a complex character with many very extraordinary abilities.

To get the complete picture of Enid Blyton I recommend:
                'Enid Blyton: The Biography' written by Barbara Stoney.
    All the above facts and many more can be found in this book.

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